cocorico or how not 2 comment on Olympics, by French


how not 2 comment on Olympics, by French right now on A2.

Parallel bars, the French has his Bronze medal.

The ONLY comments are about the chauvinistic hopes all the Athletes fail so the French keeps bronze. Slight miss from one and they yell “yeppee”. 

Tight lipped Brits taught us about Fair Play. Didn’t cross the channel. 

This is not sports commenting, this is the cocorico which makes Frenchies so typically super Dupont.

Of course, one wants medals for his/her country. But commenting on TV like that is below standards.


Michelle Martin is set free????? TOTAL SHAME ON BELGIUM JUSTICE

fix my country! or is it too late??

ladies & gentlemen, I run a startup & work 24/7 (almost). so dont expect thorough coverage and absolutely factual things here.


freeing a monster after 16 out of 30 years is an awfull disrespect to the family of the victims. Julie & Melissa still live in our minds. Forever.

Criminals like Michelle Martin & Dutroux (jailed for life for the kidnap, rape and torture of six young girls in the mid-1990s, four of whom died) should never ever be set free.

The judges and the idiotic shrinks who consider this womonster fit for a release should put their kids with that woman for a summer camp!

Read more:

A protest took place at the convent.

I ask the cops to think (not like “ein befehl ist ein befehl”, we know where this took us)!!

Is it more ethical (just?) to protect this monster or to look the other way when someone brings his/her justice?

A woman with her face totally burnt by acid (vitriol) was at the protest. Her pledge: peines incompressibles. it means a sentence cannot be reduced for some types of crime. Seems obvious, right?

Well if you have idiots running your country, with nobody tabling such a decent piece of law, it does not happen, so monsters are automatically granted a sentence reduction.

total shame. La Belgique s’effritte, une fwa! aleï!



Michel Daerden died – RTBF crying


fix my country! or is it too late??

Prime Minister Elio di Ruppo expresses his sadness…

I guess my flemmish friends are sighing in relief and hidden joy… cant really blame them.

Daerden in a nutshell: drunk on TV, sleeps during press conferences, slow Walloon talk but, as he used to say: fast thinker.

He definitely was a smart man.

Proof is: his audit consultancy when he started his carreer grabbed lots of contracts with Intercommunales.

For my dear non Belgian reader, Intercommunales is a utility company (water, gas, waste management), it belongs to Communes (towns, local authorities…), is usually run by politicians, who attend board meetings and get a few extra “jetons de présence” at a few 100 K€ each… and generally have .. mhh accounts revised by companies belonging to politicians… I would love an unbiased E&Y audit here!

And when he became Minister (he held many posts, both at Federal and Regional levels), he kept winning such contracts. But 1 arm lenght away, mind you: his son ran the company!

Can I conclude that a rotten politician is gone? No proof of that. But, as some people in tax authorities like to say: un faisceau de présomptions? maybe.

He was a laugh. Amazing culot, Walloon touch. OUfti dis !! Sorry for his family.

Fact is, maaaany politicians are like him in Belgium: rotten. No proof though.

Like mensalão. Dirceu fez nada… rsrs

That’s how it is, with a totally inept justice system. Which makes me want to add a post on the other Michelle making the headlines : Michelle Martin

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